AFGE Takes on VA Privatizers in CQ Researcher Debate

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As the debate over privatization of veterans’ health care wears on, the dedicated employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs work tirelessly to provide top-quality care, programs and assistance to those who have borne the battle for our country. As the largest union representing VA employees, AFGE has never shied from defending our veterans’ rights to quality, integrated care at VA health centers. 

In a recent CQ Researcher point-counter-point piece, AFGE Legislative Representative Marilyn Park went toe-to-toe with a pro-privatization scholar from the libertarian CATO Institute. Park highlighted the specialized needs of the veterans’ population, the expertise of VA health care providers and the importance of a dedicated health care system that fulfills this country’s mission to serve those who have sacrificed for this nation. 

Read the full article published in the Nov. 21 edition of the CQ Researcher here.

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