AFGE TSA Officer Saves Ailing Passenger’s Life

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TSA Officer and AFGE Local 333 member Connie LaBouff (pictured, left) is being hailed as a hero after saving an ailing passenger’s life at her Philadelphia International Airport security checkpoint last week.

When airline passenger George Senkler had a heart attack and collapsed in the security line, Connie and her fellow TSO, LaShanda McLean, sprang into action. The two TSOs performed CPR on the passenger until emergency technicians arrived on the scene, saving his life. 

Though TSA officers are not regularly trained to do CPR, Connie learned CPR when she was a high school girls’ varsity soccer coach.   

The passenger says he is still processing the events of that day. His wife is thankful to the two TSOs who saved her husband’s life. “Our kids still have their dad,” she told a local CBS station. “You can’t give anyone a greater gift than that.” 

At a time when TSA officers are too often portrayed in an unfairly negative light, these two women are real-life heroes and deserve to be recognized.  

Take a look at the complete news coverage here. 

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