Celebrating Vice President Kamala Harris’s Historic Firsts

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On Jan. 20, 2021, we saw history in the making as Kamala Harris was sworn into office and became the first woman, the first Black American, and the first person of South Asian descent to serve as vice president of the United States.  

She doesn't just bring to the job decades of public service, legal and legislative experience, but an upbringing and personal narrative that resonates with so many in our country.  

Being a daughter of immigrants, a child affected by segregated communities, and a woman of mixed race, Vice President Harris’s upbringing is unique among vice presidents in our nation’s history. That personal history will give her a sense of understanding and grounding in the White House.  

But her election and inauguration weren’t only important for the qualities she brings to the office. Seeing her on the steps of the Capitol building taking the oath of office showed all of us, but especially women and people of color across the nation, that the future is still bright, and the promise of America is still alive – that someone who looks like them can reach the second most powerful position in the world.  

Having someone like Vice President Harris in office sends a strong signal to our girls and women that their voices deserve to be heard and that it is okay to be strong, confident, and feminine. 

AFGE is excited about this new chapter in history. Our union will always fight for progress to make sure our government looks like America, and we are proud to see another glass ceiling finally shattered.  

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