Coast Guard Gives up Outsourcing Plan

The Coast Guard has abandoned its plan to hand over control of its user fee collection operation at the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) in Falling Waters, West Virginia, to a private business. This would not have happened without AFGE’s intervention at both local and national levels.

After learning of the illegal outsourcing plan, AFGE aggressively fought to have it reversed. Besides putting pressure on the Coast Guard and informing the agency that what it was doing was illegal, AFGE raised the issue with the Office of Management and Budget, which oversees agency sourcing policy and processes. We also launched a media campaign to put a spotlight on the agency’s willingness to violate the law.

Because of a personnel ceiling, the NVDC hasn't hired anyone from the outside in over six years, Stroubakis said. “The four new hires should thank AFGE for making them full time GS workers with the rights and benefits enjoyed by their co-workers,” he added.

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