Councils Elect New Leaders

During our 41st National Convention in Las Vegas, some of our councils held elections to select new officers for the next three years. Following is a list of those councils whose results were reported to AFGE: 

TSA Council 100  

  • President: Hydrick Thomas 
  • Executive Vice President: Mac Johnson 
  • Secretary/Treasurer Johnny Jones 
  • Regional Vice President 1: Maxel Shabey Izquierdo 
  • Regional Vice President 2: John Hubert 
  • Regional Vice President 3: Vaughn Glenn 
  • Regional Vice President 4: Becky Mancha 
  • Regional Vice President 5: Gregory Biel 
  • Regional Vice President 6: Bobby Orozco 
  • Regional Vice President 7: Joe Shuker

CIS Council 119 

  • President: Danielle Spooner 
  • Executive Vice President: Kenneth Palinkas 
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Angela Lopez 
  • Fair Practices Coordinator: Vicente Lopez 
  • Women’s Coordinator: Monica Cousins 
  • Vice President Eastern Region: Nick Walsh 
  • Vice President Central Region: Michael Overman 
  • Vice President Western Region: Rose Saraceno 

Coast Guard Council 120 

  • President: Lydell King 
  • Executive Vice President: Angela Hicks 
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Nina Duckery 

DECA Council 172 

  • President: Harrell Willis 
  • Executive Vice President: Walter Taylor 
  • Treasurer: Annette Crosby 
  • Secretary: Jennifer Grigsby 
  • Vice President Eastern: Chevell Howell 
  • Vice President Midwest: Shoshana Wright
  • Vice President Western/Pacific: Silvestre Chaco 
  • Women’s/Fair Practice Coordinator: Ceretta Smith 

SSA Council 215 

  • President: Rich Couture 
  • Executive Vice President: April Lott 
  • Treasurer: James Marshall 
  • Secretary: Gregory Senden 

SSA Council 220 

  • President: Dana Duggins 
  • Executive Vice President: Pete Harris 
  • First Vice President: Bill Price 
  • Second Vice President: Pam Espinoza 
  • Third Vice President: Sherry Jackson 
  • TSC Vice President: Sonia Saldivar 
  • Treasurer: Debbie Fredericksen 
  • Secretary: Jill Hornick 

AAFES Council 235 

  • President: Alice Morgan 
  • Executive Vice President: Darlene Webb 
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Kasandra Hall 
  • Council Representative: Anna Green 

US Marine Corps Council 240 

  • President: Al Burgess 
  • Executive Vice President: Susan Partridge 
  • Secretary/Treasurer: John Sutton 

Census Bureau Council 241 

  • President: Johnny T Zuagar  
  • Executive Vice President: Victoria Martin 
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Wright 
  • Women’s Coordinator: Laverne Byrd 
  • Fair Practices Coordinator: Christina Blanton-Alsaady 

Navy Southeast Region Council 243 

  • President: Justin Wolfe 
  • Executive Vice President: Anna Guinto 
  • NAVFAC Vice President: Phil Truman 
  • CNRSE Vice President: Mark Mccabe 
  • FISC Vice President: Stephanie Traylor 
  • Treasurer: Sy Valentin 
  • Secretary: Vacant 
  • Women’s Coordinator: Gil Pastrana 
  • Fair Practice Coordinator: Sam Watkins 

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