“Each One, Teach One”

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Imagine you’re a new leader at AFGE. One day, a big concern comes up. You’re not sure exactly what to do, but you’re determined to find the best answer. You pull out materials from a training you went to a few months earlier and flip through them, looking for insight. You find something that is helpful, but you’re not sure it exactly answers the question at hand. 

Now imagine you’re in that same new, leadership position and faced with that same, daunting concern. This time, you’re not sure exactly sure what to do, but you know where to start. You’re pick up the phone and call someone you trust and someone who cares about you: your mentor.  

The best part is, you’re not calling to get an answer. Instead, you’re using your mentor as a sounding board, to guide you through your thought process of tackling this problem head-on.  

We have amazing, tenured leaders and inspiring, emerging leaders at AFGE. We know informal mentoring is happening already. Now, we’re taking it to the next level.  

AFGE has officially launched the “Each One, Teach One” Mentorship Institute. The Institute will foster relationships so that union administration skills can be passed on from seasoned AFGE members and leaders (mentors) and AFGE members in new leadership roles (mentees).  

The 2017 Mentorship Institute pilot program, with nearly 25 mentor-mentee pairs, begins with our inaugural class from May to August. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Mentors and mentees will apply and complete a profile to be matched with one another  
  • They will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate using our online portal 
  • They will be expected to attend a conference with their partner on a regular basis  

Many AFGE leaders wouldn’t be the activists they are today if someone hadn’t taken the time to encourage and nurture them. Many of our newest activists are ready with new ideas and exciting programs and strategies that will undoubtedly introduce our union to a new generation.  

We all know that “knowledge is power.” AFGE is building that power at every level to ensure every workplace and worker has a good, strong union contract. Through the “Each One, Teach One” Mentorship Institute, AFGE helps connect those who will make our union Big Enough to Win.  

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