Federal Employees Closer to a Pay Increase for Next Year

Only a few weeks before the federal government runs out of funds to continue operations after Sept. 30, the House and Senate agreed to pass a funding package that includes a continuing resolution that funds the government through Dec. 7.  

But they haven't passed the bill yet, and Congress must still pass legislation that includes a pay increase in order for federal employees to receive a pay adjustment in fiscal 2019.

That is why you must call your member of Congress and senators and urge them to pass legislation with the 1.9% pay adjustment before the New Year.  

Trump has proposed a pay freeze for civilian federal employees next year. He has also threated a government shutdown if he doesn’t get funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. It’s unclear whether Trump will sign or veto the bill.  

Our union works hard to push Congress to keep the government open and prevent government shutdowns. But whenever there’s a shutdown, our union works to shield federal employees from the impact of the crisis they didn’t create.  

We encourage lawmakers to pass full-year funding bills, so agencies can carry out their mission and provide full services to the American people.Call your member of Congress and senators and tell them: pass a funding bill, and pass the 1.9% pay adjustment before the New Year. 

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