FPS Local Becomes AFGE’s 1st Big Enough to Win Local

We are so excited to report that Local 918’s executive board voted May 12 to adopt a resolution to become a Big Enough to Win local! 

The local, which represents nearly 1,000 FPS employees and chemical security inspectors nationwide, is kick-starting AFGE’s movement to grow the union and fight back against efforts to destroy workers’ rights and their unions.

The way the local decided to adopt the Big Enough to Win strategy was unusual and inspiring. Half of its 17-member executive board was at AFGE headquarters in Washington, D.C. on April 29, the day AFGE ramped up our grassroots efforts to defeat a bill that would eliminate official time. The board members received a text message from AFGE asking people to call their members of Congress to vote against the bill. They did, and were ecstatic when they learned the following day that AFGE won by a vote of 232-190. 

“It set a whole new light to Big Enough to Win. It was just like a light came on,” Local 918 President David Wright said. 

When the board met May 12, they brought up the issue and passed the resolution unanimously. 

AFGE is encouraging every local to pass a Big Enough to Win resolution and join the AFGE movement to pursue strategies that will increase our pay, protect our pensions, preserve worker and union rights, and secure proper funding for government investments in America.  

Visit www.afge.org to learn more about our Big Enough to Win campaign.

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