Government Workers Honored During Public Service Recognition Week

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Government employees touch the lives of every American with their service to our country.

Whether it’s the workers at the VA who care for our veterans, the correctional officers who keep our communities safe from dangerous criminals, the inspectors who make sure our food is safe, the TSA officers who maintain the security of traveling Americans, the EPA employees who protect our environment and human health, the workers who make sure our seniors’ Social Security benefits arrive on time, or the many other public servants who work every day on behalf of the American public – these workers provide vital services to us all.

But too often, that work goes unappreciated.

That’s because the work performed by government employees is so often seamless and done behind the scenes. But the tremendous effort of America’s public servants allows every other American to live our lives and be productive members of society without having to worry about “little things” like ensuring clean air and researching cures to diseases.

Members of Congress recognize the important work our government employees do. That’s why both the House and Senate introduced bipartisan resolutions designating May 5-11, 2019 as Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW). PSRW also coincided with other celebrations of public service, such as National Nurses Week and National Correctional Officers Week, which highlight two important groups of public servants within AFGE.

During Public Service Recognition Week, we honored all those who have answered the call for public service and made our lives easier. We may not tell them often enough how much we appreciate them, but we know that we would all be much worse off if it weren’t for their service. AFGE salutes these heroes, and we are proud to help them better serve the American people.

Take some time to hear from AFGE members themselves about why they love what they do and what makes them proud to be a public servant:

“Having the opportunity to play an integral role for American workers’ safety is important to me. In turn, being part of the AFGE solidifies the very need for such an organization.” - Dennis Adams


“I know that nursing is a true calling for me as I love my job. There is honestly no better feeling in the world knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life.” - Lizabeth Ligon


“What makes me proud to be a public servant is that I serve the needs of the whole, not the needs of the few or one. I serve those who have served and are still serving, those who put their own interests aside to see the best in people and build upon that spark of light inside each of us.” - Daniel Sunseri


“Working with the public I truly feel like I am valued. I feel that public service is giving a gift to all of whom you come in contact. It’s something that gives your life meaning, gives my life meaning, and I’m honored I get to do it every day.” - Karissa Duke


“I missed my opportunity to serve in a military branch, which is one of my biggest regrets. The best next option was to serve as a nurse and help heal those who have given so much for our freedom. I am proud to serve our vets.” - Selma Lopez

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