Happy Fourth of July

As we celebrate this great nation’s 240th birthday with family, friends, and fireworks, I think it’s important we acknowledge the values that led our drive to independence on the first July 4th: the collective strength of Americans working together, an abiding love of our country, and hope for a better future.    

The working people who serve the public every day embody all these values and more. They are the TSA Officers moving air travelers safely to see their families, the doctors and nurses caring for our veterans, the correctional workers keeping criminals off our streets, the agents protecting our borders, and everyone in between. There is no higher calling than serving others, and our nation's public servants have chosen to make that calling their career.  

Public servants are patriots in the truest form, but too often politicians and pundits try to tear us down. Many of these people have never served anyone but themselves. But we cannot let their hollow attacks deter us, because our mission is too important and the stakes too high for all those we serve.  

More than 50 years ago at his inaugural address, President John F. Kennedy said, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” You have taken up the charge and built a better nation for us all, and on behalf of all Americans, I'd like to say thank you.   

So while you enjoy time with your family and celebrate the birth ofour great nation today, I hope you take the time to thank your coworkers for all they do to make America possible.    

In Solidarity,    

J. David Cox, Sr.

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