House, Senate Leaders Propose Cutting Your Pay

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Congressional leaders in the House and Senate don’t think you’ve sacrificed enough. In fact, they think you could do with a 5.5% pay cut.

Under the fiscal 2016 budget proposals released this week, federal employees would be required to contribute substantially toward their pensions without getting any additional benefits in return.

For most of you, this would result in a 5.5 percent cut in your salary.

To put it in perspective, a nursing assistant caring for veterans at the Sheridan VA Medical Center in Wyoming – the home state of Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi – would see a permanent pay cut of nearly $1,800 a year. 

“Slashing the wages and benefits of government employees who have devoted their lives to serving the public isn’t a plan for growing the economy,” says AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. “On the contrary, it’s a sure-fire way to lower the living standards for working class people who have already paid a steep price during the economic recession.”

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