Would You like Your Social Security Cut by 20%?

If you work hard and invest into something, you should reap the benefits. But next year, 11 million Americans who have worked hard and paid into Social Security for 22 years on average stand to lose a big chunk of their hard earned money – nearly 20% to be exact.

That’s because some elected officials try to pit retirees against those with disabilities by blocking the merging of two trust funds with the main goal of weakening Social Security and privatizing it. This technical fix has been done many times before no matter who chairs the House and the Senate. After all, Social Security’s mission is to help both retirees and people with disabilities live with dignity and economic security. Their divide-and-conquer tactic is simply shameful and must be stopped.

That’s why AFGE fully supports H.R. 3150, which would combine the two trust funds and prevent Congress from pitting retirees against people with disabilities in order to cut their earned benefits.

Social Security turns 80 on Friday, Aug. 14. This vital program must be expanded, not cut. 

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