How would you spend $5.7 billion every year?

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Did you know there are 340,000 active-duty service members performing non-combat support jobs throughout the Department of Defense?


If the Pentagon transferred just one-fourth of those jobs to the civil service, we’d save $5.7 billion every year.

Imagine what we could get for all of that money. We could buy private islands for every single major league baseball and NBA player (thank us later, LeBron).

While that sounds tempting, this is serious. We are literally throwing money down the drain by requiring our troops to perform non-combat support jobs that civilian government employees can and should be doing for far less money.

Do we really need our war fighters writing reports, crunching numbers, or tracking supplies? Of course not. Especially when so much money can be saved by hiring federal civilian employees to do that work. 

Please watch and share this short video. Then join the conversation: How would you spend $5.7 billion every year?

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