It's Elementary Betsy! Education Dept. Employees Demand Change

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Education Department employees are giving Education Secretary Betsy DeVos an F.  

Hundreds of them have signed a petition to stop her from further undermining students, public education, and Education workers. That’s because since taking office in 2017, DeVos has caused much damage to students, teachers, taxpayers, and ED workers. A few examples include:  

  • At DeVos’s direction, the agency is siphoning public dollars to fund private and religious schools—schools that are under no obligation to follow the federal civil rights laws that protect students from discrimination on the bases of their race, color, national origin, sex, disability, and age. 
  • She’s rescinding guidance that was intended to protect vulnerable students, especially those with low income and disabilities. 
  • She’s interfering with employees’ enforcement of federal civil rights laws, loan forgiveness programs, and other programs. 
  • She refuses to acknowledge the rights of ED employees to negotiate a fair contract that is collectively bargained. Instead, she imposed a Management Edict that stripped staff of their union rights.  

DeVos’s goal appears to be promoting private enterprises, not public education. What she has been doing is contrary to the agency’s mission and common sense. 

That’s why ED employees, led by AFGE Local 252, are demanding that DeVos: 

  • Allow ED workers to implement education laws without political interference. 
  • Budget for adequate staff and programs to meet ED’s mission. 
  • Come to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair contract with the union. 
  • Defend public education. 

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