Lawmakers to Start Putting Together Funding Bills Next Week

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Members of Congress will return to Washington, D.C. next week to start working on various funding bills after a two-week recess.

The House will begin with funding bills for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Army Corps of Engineers, military construction, energy and water. A mark up for the Pentagon is slated for April 29. On the Senate side, budget panels will start marking up their versions mid-or late May.

Last month, the House and the Senate passed their versions of budget resolutions, which serve as broad guidelines for the appropriations process. The conferees will meet next week to reconcile differences in the two versions, both of which target federal employees’ compensation. House and Senate Budget Committee chairmen Rep. Tom Price and Sen. Mike Enzi returned to Washington early to discuss the budget blueprints. They met on Thursday and told reporters that they hope to finish a joint House-Senate budget by Wednesday.

Federal employees are joining AFGE on their own because of the threat against their financial future.   

Against this backdrop, AFGE activists are reaching out to the rest of the bargaining unit and asking them to join. Members are mobilizing like never before.

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