Lawmakers Vow to Protect Federal Employees’ Voice at Work, Missions

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If you missed our union’s 2020 legislative conference and the remarks by members of Congress who graced AFGE members with their presence, don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered.

Here are the highlights from the conference:

Nancy Pelosi

Graphic with image of Nancy Pelosi speaking at a podium with text that says “They’re not going after you personally only. They’re going after what you do. They want to privatize everything so they can make money off of it and that they don’t have to honor any commitments to diversity or fairness in the workplace.”

Susan Collins

Graphic with image of Susan Collins speaking at a podium. Next to her face the text reads “The president has sent a sweeping memo to the Department of Defense authorizing DoD to exclude its employees from their rights to bargain collectively. I’ve not seen the memo yet, but the reason cited is flexibility. Well, let me tell you I do not accept that rationale.  And please know that I will work with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to protect the right of DoD civilian employees to engage in collective bargaining.”

Gerry Connolly

Graphic with image of Gerry Connolly at podium with text that says “I hear Republicans say, government should run like a business. I was in two corporations before I came to Congress. I never remember a CEO attacking his or her own workforce. I never remember a CEO threatening not to pay his or her bills. I never remember a CEO threatening or actually shutting down a company for 35 days. Any CEO who tried any of that would be promptly removed by the corporate board of directors.”

Jennifer Wexton

Graphic with image of Jennifer Wexton speaking at podium. Next to her face the text reads “Donald Trump has waged an all-out assault on federal workers and his goal is very clear: this administration is purposefully hollowing out the federal workforce. He’s making it harder for union representatives to do their jobs protecting government workers and making sure they are treated with respect and dignity. By undermining federal workers whose job is to protect everyday Americans, Donald Trump and Mick Mulvaney are handing over our government to special interest cronies.”

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Graphic with image of Eleanor Holmes Norton speaking at a podium.Next to her face the text reads “We will not give up on this matter. You will always have relief in the Congress of the United States. And as I speak, we are working on that relief right now. I’m certainly doing so as a senior member of the Committee on Oversight and Reform to see what we can continue to do against these executive orders.”

Jamie Raskin

 Graphic with image of Jamie Raskin speaking at a podium. Next to his face there is text that reads “Labor rights are constitutional rights, are civil rights. And it all goes back to the first amendment of the Constitution which protects the right of the freedom of speech, the right of the freedom of assembly, and the right to petition government for a redress of grievances.”

Mark Takano

Graphic with image of Mark Takano speaking at a podium. Next to his face the text reads “It’s no secret that this president is no friends to workers. From shutdowns to executive orders, President Trump has time and time again threatened the livelihoods and rolled back your ability to collectively bargain. We cannot let him get away with these attacks on your right to organize.”

Steny Hoyer

Graphic with image of Steny Hoyer speaking at a podium. Next to his face the text reads “I’m so proud to work with you. I’m so proud to be with you. I’m so proud of the success we’ve had, but we have just begun the fight.”

Jan Schakowsky

Graphic with image of Jan Schakowsky speaking at a podium. Next to her face there is text that reads “AFGE, we need you very much. We need you to protect our consumers. We need you to protect our air and our water, and our environment at this climate crisis moment. We need you to have your rights. We need you to have a 3.5% pay raise. But I can tell from the energy you have that you’re ready for this fight and we can win. When we fight, we win!”

Norma Torres

 Graphic with image of Norma Torres speaking at a podium. Next to her face there is text that reads “None of us here can write a million-dollar checks that the president’s friends are writing, but we can join together and pull our dollars and walk precincts and make calls. It’s not enough to be social media activists because if we’re not there, our leaders will not return. And when they don’t return, we lose. And when we don’t vote, we lose. My constituents lose, and you lose. It’s a reason why we had a 35-day shutdown.”

Brian Fitzpatrick

Graphic with image of Brian Fitzpatrick speaking at a podium.  Next to his face the text reads “It’s not about left and right – it’s about right and wrong. There was nothing that infuriated me more than during these senseless government shutdowns. A lot of people don’t understand this, that when you shut down the government and I’m just giving you the FBI perspective, when you have to designate between “essential” versus “non-essential” – there is no such thing as a non-essential employee.”

Tom Cole

Tim Kaine

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