9 Legislative Priorities for 2019

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Good bye 2018. Hello 2019! 

We hope everyone is well rested and ready to take on new challenges. Thanks to our determination and collective action, we had so much success on the legislative front in 2018! Here’s to an even better 2019!   

Our past challenges have taught us that we can win if we stand together. When we set specific goals and steps we need to take, we create the future we deserve.

A fight is raging this very moment to end the shutdown, reopen the government, and put public servants back to work. House democrats have passed a package of bills to reopen the government, but it is not expected to make it to the Senate for a vote. So while Congress and the Administration play politics, federal employees hang in the balance.

Are you ready to fight?  

Here are our legislative priorities for 2019:

  • Fight to fully fund federal agencies

We’re fighting for agencies that have been starved of resources such as, the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Census Bureau, and the Bureau of Prisons. 

  • Defend payroll dues deduction  

Although dues deduction is protected by statute, the Trump administration may try to undermine this process through an Executive Order or collective bargaining.  

  • Oppose any pay system that allows political favoritism  

We will stand firm against any system that allows pay raises to vary by occupation and “performance.” Such a system will politicize the civil service and invite discrimination.   

  • Fight against any proposed FY 2020 federal employee pay freeze  

Federal employees are worse off today financially than they were at the start of the decade. They have had their pay and benefits cut by over $200 billion since 2011.    

  • Work to repeal the increased employee contributions for those hired after 2013  

It’s important for us to prevent further cuts to federal employees’ compensation and benefits.  

  • Work to maintain the current government-wide ban on A-76 outsourcing studies  

We also need to oppose efforts to contract out inherently governmental services.   

  • Oppose any attempt to create a disposable workforce  

We oppose efforts to expand hiring authorities for term and temporary positions as a way to create a disposable workforce – easy to hire, easy to fire. 

  • Oppose outsourcing disguised as “shared services”  

We will take action against any reorganization plans that would politicize the workforce and involve massive contracting out under the banner of “shared services” or “centers of excellence.”

  • Strongly oppose all legislation that will result in the elimination or weakening of federal employee due process rights and the politicization of the workforce  

Support legislation that protects government workers. Examples include fighting for Rep. Bennie Thompson’s legislation that will give Title V rights to TSA officers, supporting Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s changes to the VA Accountability Act, and advocating for Rep. John Larson’s legislation for increased funding for Social Security and a moratorium on Social Security Administration field office closures.

Join with your coworkers to raise our collective voice and win! 

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