Majority of Americans Prefer Rolling Back Tax Cuts to Cutting Government Funding

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As lawmakers are finishing up appropriations bills funding various government programs in 2019, a new poll shows what the American people want members of Congress to do: Roll back Republicans’ tax cuts for the rich and big corporations.

According to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, 60% said to reduce the deficit, it was better for Congress to roll back Republicans’ tax cuts they passed last year than to cut funding for government programs, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Only 21% supported cutting funding for government programs to increase revenue.

The overall results represent the viewpoint of voters across the political spectrum, including Republicans, 43% of whom supported rolling back the tax cuts compared to 23% who preferred funding cuts.

“Republicans' tax cuts have turned out to be a liability for Republicans. Just 11 percent said it was the most important factor in their vote,” NPR reports. “A plurality of voters (45 percent) said the issue of tax cuts makes them more likely to vote for a Democrat for Congress in November, while 39 percent said the issue makes them more likely to vote Republican.”

Our union is urging members of Congress to fully fund government agencies and scrap Republicans’ plan to give the rich and corporations another tax cut that would reduce revenues and add $3.8 billion to the deficit. Just like the first tax cut, the second tax cut will mostly benefit the wealthy: The richest 1% would see an average tax cut of $40,000 while those in the middle would see $980.


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