Member Spotlight: Professor Kendrick Roberson

AFGE congratulates Kendrick B. Roberson on accepting a new role as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University this upcoming fall semester.

Roberson is a proud member of AFGE, where he works at the Los Angeles Air Force Base and is a member of AFGE Local 2429. Roberson has been a very active member of AFGE, engaging in activism through his video series “60 Seconds With Kendrick,” lobbying Congress on behalf of AFGE as a legislative and political coordinator, and helping his community during the pandemic by volunteering with his district and local food banks. Starting in August, he will be teaching an introductory class on American People and Politics at the prestigious Pepperdine University. 

When asked about becoming a professor Roberson responded, “While I do have the formal education as a PhD student at the University of Southern California, I believe that my years of political activism on behalf of federal employees, as well as the community at large, really helped me secure my most recent position at Pepperdine University.” 

In February 2020, Roberson was elected to chair of AFGE’s National YOUNG Committee, which represents over 100,000 federal workers under the age of 40. In 2019, Roberson was also elected as the chair of Carson California’s only rent control board. Roberson has expressed how his work with AFGE and his community will shape his teaching.  

“From the very first week of class, I plan on expressing the extreme importance and relevance of collective action when fighting for the rights of working Americans,” said Roberson. “Union activism is in my blood at this point. It’s so beautiful when people come together to create a more equitable society for everyone.” 

Roberson has also been actively participating in protests and openly stands against all violence against Black bodies. When asked how he expects to address race in his course, Roberson replied:

“Race and race relations will be fully integrated into the content of my course. It is impossible to teach about American political development without addressing the role race has played. For example, America’s Constitution only exists because of key compromises on the basis of race. By understanding the importance of race in our American political system, I believe a world of positive change can come.”

We are proud of Professor Roberson as he continues to fight for AFGE and for communities inside and outside of the classroom. 

You can follow Roberson’s activism work on social media using his handle @KennyBRoberson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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