Nebraska AFGE Member Hits the Jackpot with Union Plus Mortgage

Becky White says she never usually wins anything.   

But that didn’t stop White from deciding to try her luck in a sweepstakes available to union members with mortgages financed through the Union Plus Mortgage Program. When she received an email from Union Plus announcing she had won $1,000 in the sweepstakes, she couldn’t believe it.  

“I happened to open my email and I just saw [the sweepstakes],” White recalls. “I decided to go ahead and try it – it never hurts to try something.”  

White, a member of AFGE, acknowledges she also got lucky with her home loan through the Union Plus Mortgage Program several years ago. With financing available through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, the Union Plus Mortgage Program helps union members, their parents, and their children purchase or refinance their homes while also offering exclusive union member benefits.   

Since 2010, White has been a pharmacist with the Veterans Administration in Lincoln, NE. White said when she and her husband, Kaleb, were in the market for a new home, she remembered reading about the Union Plus Mortgage Program and decided to check it out.   

“We had found a house we really wanted, and we started looking at our different options,” White says. “I noticed that there was a Union Plus Mortgage Program connected with Wells Fargo. They helped us get all set up, it was great. It went really smoothly; it was very straightforward.”   

White soon found out there are a number of benefits to the Union Plus Mortgage Program. She received a $500 gift card after closing which she said they put right back into the house to help decorate it.   

Another benefit to the Union Plus Mortgage Program is the security the program offers. The Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program provides interest-free loans and grants to help eligible members make their mortgage payments in the event they become disabled, laid off, locked out, or go on strike.  

White said the sweepstakes money came at the right time. She and her husband are putting it toward school tuition for her younger son.   

“It’s a good blessing that wasn’t expected,” she says.   

White regularly checks the Union Plus website for discounts. She and her family have turned to Union Plus for deals on car rentals And, she’s mentioned the Union Plus Mortgage Program to several union friends who are in the market for new homes.  

“Whatever we do, we often look at the different benefits they have through Union Plus,” White says.   

To learn more about the Union Plus Mortgage Program, visit 


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