New EPA Administrator Making EPA Great for Polluters, Bad for Workers

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Scott Pruitt will make America great again for polluters. 

On June 15, the controversial administrator of the Environment Protection Agency testified before Congress for the first time since his confirmation, insisting that deep cuts to programs that protect Americans against air, water, and land pollution are needed. 

Pruitt wants to slash EPA’s 2018 budget by 31%, or about $2.6 billion, and get rid of 4,000 employees who dedicated their lives to fulfilling the agency’s mission and protecting community health in this country. He wants to cut more than 50 environmental protection programs and slash funding for cleaning up hazardous waste sites by 30%.

“It is absolutely outrageous to me that Administrator Pruitt supports a 31 percent cut to the EPA. It’s the only agency that keeps America’s air clean and drinking water safe,” AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. said after Scott’s testimony. “How can he think that reducing more than 25 percent of the agency’s workforce, cutting essential programs, and rolling back common sense protections will help citizens of this country?” 

It won’t. But that’s the point.

Pruitt spent his entire career fighting against clean air and water regulations on behalf of polluters. As Oklahoma attorney general, he used his office as an extension of an oil company and sued the EPA 14 times. 

Cox asks Congress to reject this absurd destruction of the EPA. 

“If we want to continue to protect generations of Americans from air- and water-borne illnesses, we must fight against the President’s 2018 budget, and save the EPA,” he said.

“EPA has saved countless lives. Any further cuts will absolutely cripple the agency,” said AFGE EPA Council President John O'Grady. The council represents more than 9,000 employees nationwide.

Call your lawmakers right now 

Call Congress and tell your lawmakers to reject the EPA cuts. Tell them what you do on behalf of the constituents in their district and ask them to oppose these cuts.

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