New Training Videos for AFGE Activists Are Here!

AFGE’s Field Service and Education Department (FSED) has released new training videos for union leaders and activists as part of our new expanded education program in support of the union’s Big Enough to Win strategy.

These training videos are: What is collective bargaining?, Three types of bargaining, Advance notice, Impact and implementation of bargaining, and Management rights.

These training videos are the first of many training videos to come, and they work along with our online training and training toolkits to help union leaders and activists serve our members more efficiently and effectively.

FSED has launched several online workers compensation classes which have trained more than 100 local leaders. The department is offering one-day online training for new stewards on Sept. 9 and 10, and is in the process of launching online representation classes.  

“We are employing lots of new tools to make sure we get training to all our locals and members even if they can't make it to our training conferences, and making sure those trainings are standardized and modularized so they build off one another and develop deep skill sets,” said FSED Director David Cann. 

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