Privatize Your Job? Not on AFGE’s Watch

Categories: Privatization

AFGE went to bat against big corporations who wanted to privatize your jobs, and after months of hard work we emerged victorious.

The full-year spending deal was reached in Congress today renews a government wide ban on the unfair privatization process known as A-76. This prohibition protects the jobs of hundreds of thousands of federal employees all types of jobs.

By law, agencies may not contract out federal employees’ jobs without first conducting a formal cost comparison process to find if there would be any actual cost savings. Since 2009, Congress has prohibited any federal agency from using the flawed Circular A-76 process due to its failure to deliver real savings to the taxpayer. This hasn’t stopped large corporations from trying to line their pockets, however, and they have been lobbying Congress to lift it. So far, they have failed, thanks to AFGE’s hard work. We will continue to make sure the ban remains in place.

AFGE thanks in particular Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, for her leadership in renewing the ban. 

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