Scott Walker is Attacking Public Servants (Again)

Scott Walker has returned to Wisconsin and he’s not wasting any time when it comes to attacking public servants.

This week, The New York Times Editorial Board published a revealing look into Walker’s recent activities. His brazen past attacks on workers and union-busting activities in 2010 seem to have only been part one of his plan to dismantle public servant protections in Wisconsin.

In mid-February, Walker signed a bill that rewrites the 110-year-old Wisconsin Constitution to roll-back Civil Service protections.

It will:

  • Eliminate job applicant exams, thus creating a spoils system;
  • Centralize hiring decisions within the governor’s administration, promoting favoritism;
  • Allow state agencies to extend probation periods from six months to two years, quadrupling the time managers can fire new hires for any or no reason.

Most of these points will take effect on July 1 and will impact 30,000 state workers.

We’ve seen these types of attacks on public servants across all levels of government. His actions are almost identical to those being proposed by some Congressional lawmakers who have taken his lead. The objective is always the same: bust unions and destroy fair treatment of public servants. 

AFGE will look deeper into the law and report back on the potential impact on public servants in Wisconsin and how this could be replicated in other states or at the federal level.

Read the full Editorial, "Gov. Walker Resumes His War on Workers" at 

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