Size Matters, Legislatively Speaking

Categories: Big Enough to Win

Thanks to your hard work last month, AFGE welcomed 1,946 new members and reached our highest-ever membership level at 292,666 members! But it’s not just our size that matters – it’s how we use it.

AFGE’s huge legislative victories on official time and the DoD funding bill last week wouldn’t have been possible without AFGE activists aggressively reaching out to their co-workers and asking them to join AFGE. Together, current and new AFGE members defeated major threats to our very rights and existence. They made it clear to elected members of Congress that it was not okay to punish whistleblowers, take away worker protections, or encourage wrongful disciplinary actions.  

Without our strength in numbers, we wouldn’t have prevailed. The more people reaching out to members of Congress, the more successful we are at protecting our pay and retirement. The more success we have on Capitol Hill, the more people that want to be a part of this movement. This virtuous cycle is the foundation of AFGE’s Big Enough to Win strategic plan and the key to defeating the many threats we face to as government workers.   

We need you to keep recruiting each and every day so we can win even tougher battles in the future. Organizing is a gift that keeps on giving. Let’s get out there and become Big Enough to Win!

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