The Administration's Latest Executive Order Shuts Labor Out of the Conversation

In December 2009, President Obama issued executive order #13522 to create the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations, to ensure that organized labor had a seat at the table to discuss issues facing working people.

The executive order also created Labor Management Forums, so that agency leaders and labor managers could solve workplace problems and foster productivity and effectiveness in the federal government - and give government employees like us a voice in our workplaces.

On Friday, September 29, President Trump issued his own executive order to revoke Obama's, claiming that the councils were wasting managers' time and resources and not producing enough benefits for the taxpayers.

While Trump's new order does not overturn existing collective bargaining agreements, it does take away a valuable resource for labor managers and directors of federal agencies to start a dialogue and work through problems.

By taking away this important resource, the Trump administration is once again attacking government workers.

In light of the changes created by this executive order, AFGE will create a public forum to air workplace concerns, and work with the media to ensure the interests of our union and our members are heard.

How can you stay involved?

AFGE wants to make sure that we can connect with you, with the latest news and action we're taking to stand up for workers. Please take out your personal cell phone (never your government phone) and text "AFGE" to 97779 to subscribe to AFGE Mobile text message updates. 

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