The Beauty of Union Membership

Categories: Labor

Across the country, more and more workers are joining unions – and for good reason. By becoming a member, workers gain representation in work issues, like arbitration and discipline. They can hold office management accountable and keep them honest in workplace issues. Without a union to back them up, workers could potentially be fired for keeping their workplaces honest, for whistleblowing, or for disciplinary reasons with no steward present. 

The beauty of the membership extends beyond just representation for punishment in workplace activities. Belonging to a union means standing shoulder to shoulder with coworkers and standing up for the good of the group. Rather than waiting for management to take care of issues and grant rights, the union empowers workers to stand up for their own rights, and demand the sort of workplaces that they deserve.

Unions aren’t just a security net. They’re a community that ensures the more fair and equitable future that we all work for every day.  

Check out this awesome article on what union reps can do.

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