The Recover Act

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The number of federal employees’ whose sensitive, personal data was compromised when the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced a data breach in June has reached 4.2 million. An additional 21.5 million people have now been determined to have their personal data stolen as a result of the intrusions into OPM’s computer systems. The long-term consequences of the breach include threats to the credit, financial, and physical security of our members.

Responding to the breach, OPM promised a mere 18 months of credit monitoring for the 4.2 million affected employees, and reportedly, three years of credit monitoring for only those affected by the hack of OPM’s background investigations system. 

Given the scope and depth of the breach, that’s simply not enough. Fortunately, Sen. Cardin (MD) and Rep. Norton (DC) have introduced S. 1746/H.R. 3029, the "RECOVER Act." 


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