The U.S. Mail Is Not for Sale

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AFGE is proud to announce that we have joined with more than 60 national organizations to form A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.

Please sign the pledge to protect the public Postal Service.

The United States Postal Service is a wonderful national treasure, enshrined in the Constitution and supported by the American people. Without any taxpayer funding, the USPS serves more than 150 million households and businesses each day, providing affordable, universal mail service to all­ – including rich and poor, rural and urban, without regard to age, nationality, race or gender.

But the Postal Service and postal jobs are threatened by narrow monied interests aimed at undermining postal services and dismantling this great public institution. Even some postal executives have been complicit in the drive toward the destruction of the Postal Service and ultimate privatization.

In the face of these attacks, we are fighting to protect and enhance vibrant public postal services now – and for many generations to come. 

Watch a 2-minute video where actor-activist Danny Glover shares his personal story about the impact and importance of a vibrant public Postal Service. Please share the Danny Glover video and the Grand Alliance statement on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and with your personal email lists. And please encourage your friends and associates to do the same.

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