Top Moments from AFGE’s 2018 P.O.R.T. Leadership Academy

The 2018 P.O.R.T Leadership Academy brought together hundreds of activists to advance their skills in political action, organizing, representation, and training. In its seventh year, P.O.R.T continues to educate new activists and hone the skills of dedicated trade unionists. Check out key moments and reflections from this year’s training.  

More than 300 activists attended the 2018 P.O.R.T. Leadership Academy held in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Image Photo by Vyzzion Photography 

AFGE District 14 National Vice President Eric Bunn received the training academy’s 2nd Living Legend Award. During his acceptance speech Bunn stated, “I am nothing without my army behind me.” 

During their breaks, attendees reached out to lawmakers about critical legislation impacting their rights on the job. 

“Awakening the action means we must stir the deepest depths of our commitment to labor. We must rise from our slumber, wipe the dreamy contentment from our eyes, throw on our war clothes, and fight this battle against all injustice for all our brothers and sisters.”  

--April R. Lott, AFGE Local 3627 & Council 215, SSA 

“The P.O.R.T. training was needed and appreciated from the members of our local! 

-- Joseph Glover, AFGE Local 3283, DFAS 

AFGE’s Y.O.U.N.G. committee raised $10,101 for AFGE members and their families still dealing with the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. 

“I discovered a wealth of information; information I didn’t know. Tools that I can bring back to my local and utilize so that we can maintain being a very strong federation. I believe in thinking positive, as opposed to negative. Even though we are receiving some negative setbacks right now through the Senate -- I believe we can get through this. P.O.R.T is definitely a valuable tool to help us overcome this."

--April Bizzelle, AFGE Local 31, VA 

“I think this training has been outstanding. One of the classes that I attended was on training. It gave me a real good foundation on how to conduct training back at my local. The other part of that was the parliamentary procedures. Roberts Rules of Order were really something that everyone needs to get in our union. One of the most significant things I’ve been engaged in at the P.O.R.T. training has to do with political and legislative actions. Dave Sheagley is my instructor in this class, along with Appollos. They are giving us a great foundation and a lot to work with. I think we’ll be more comfortable moving forward going back to our regions and working with lawmakers in our area in order to move our agenda forward." 

--Garry Cutright, AFGE Local 2031, VA 

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