Union Dues in the Crosshairs

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The attack on union dues is real.

The White House has launched a coordinated campaign to prevent federal employees from choosing to stay union members via ordinary payroll deductions – the very same type of deductions that the government allows all the time for other things like the Combined Federal Campaign and health care. This is why it is so important for AFGE to transition to its own, independent E-dues platform.

Contrary to the statute governing union dues deductions, the White House in some instances has imposed contract provisions that summarily cut off dues deductions after one year. In others, it has tried to force employees to recertify their union membership on a yearly basis using a burdensome and time-consuming process. It has sought to prohibit the union from submitting membership applications, SF-1187s, on an employee’s behalf.

The Office of Personnel Management has even asked the Federal Labor Relations Authority to disregard the law and collective bargaining agreements in order to restrict dues deductions. The goal is to make it harder for employees to assert their rights to join and assist their union. The goal is to destroy the union. And if your agency isn’t joining the attack already, it will be soon.

“What they’re really trying to do is make it hard for union members to advocate for a better life for themselves and their families,” said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. “They’ve stacked the FLRA and FSIP with union busters who will rubberstamp any proposal that management sends their way.”

“The only way to stop these attacks is to declare our independence from government-controlled dues collection and put the power back in our hands with AFGE E-Dues,” Cox continued. “Collecting our own dues gives us the freedom to fight the fights of our choosing.”

AFGE has created a dues collection system where you control your own resources instead of leaving them in the hands of anti-union lawmakers and agency heads who are looking for new ways to deny your right to join with your coworkers. The system is built and operated by your union – AFGE – and offers the same benefits as payroll deductions while keeping the members in control. With the threat of losing payroll dues deduction the highest it’s ever been, the time to join AFGE E-Dues is now.

Visit www.afge.org/edues to learn more and start converting your membership to E-Dues.

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