What Does It Mean to Be AFGE?

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Federal employees joined together to form our union in 1932 at one of the most uncertain periods in our nation’s history. Back then, elected officials had crippled the civil service. Wage cuts and furloughs were on the rise. Federal employees lacked many of the basic rights they enjoy today like health insurance, overtime pay, and weekends without work. Employees simply had no rights to come together to negotiate for better working conditions. 


It’s been 86 years, and our goal remains the same: build a better workplace for federal employees so they can focus on the job they’ve been hired to do serving the American people.  


That’s why we stand for:

  • Good, stable jobs
  • Fair compensation
  • Affordable health care
  • Retirement security
  • Fair treatment of workers
  • Safe and healthy workplaces 

We are proud that what we stand for has helped build the middle class and maintain democracy.  


That’s why you should join our movement 

Everyone should have a voice at work. And when we join together in union, we’re able to build a better workplace and fight back against attacks on our pay and benefits. 


This year alone we were able to fight back anti-worker schemes like retirement cuts and Trump’s illegal executive orders. And as more and more workers join our union, we’re getting even stronger!  


Join our movement and ask your co-workers to join today to help build a better workplace for all.

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