Why Boehner’s Resignation Is an Embarrassment for Everyone

Categories: Congress

House Speaker John Boehner is stepping down. You probably know that. You also may know John Boehner has never been a friend of federal employees. But what may surprise you is that he was ousted because he was just trying to do his job by keeping the government open for the American people.

Extremists in the House may think forcing Speaker Boehner to quit is some kind of big win, but it changes nothing for the issues that really matter to the American people, including federal employees and their families. At a time when the American people need steady leadership, the House majority is entering a protracted period of crisis and disarray.

We are days out from yet another government shutdown. The last shutdown wasted $24 billion. We can’t afford to go there again. We need lawmakers to stop their internal party bickering and focus on the task at hand: passing a budget that keeps the government open and serving the American public. 

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