Your 2017 Legislative Conference Preview

Congress has passed the so-called 'Holman rule' to allow any representative to single out a civil servant who disagrees with them politically, and end their career. They also proposed reintroducing a bill that would make federal employees at will employees who can be fired anytime.  

In less than one month, Congress and the administration have taken many actions that impact federal employees, and this AFGE Legislative Conference is an excellent way to get up to speed. 

Over a thousand AFGE activists will converge in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 5-8 to talk about what changes have taken place and what we can do to protect our jobs, our pay, and the civil service. We will hear from members of Congress about these changes, and you may arrange to visit Congress and talk to your local representative. 

Come and learn about federal employee healthcare and pension issues, learn what the law is now and what possible changes may be proposed. Learn and discuss the hiring freeze and what exceptions may exist, how that relates to staffing and employee workloads, and how  the freezes impact mission critical service to the public.  

"As the new Congress wasted no time attacking public service and dismantling the federal workforce, it’s important that AFGE activists become educated as to the changes and possible ramifications of new proposals," said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. "AFGE always encourages all its members to meet with their members of Congress and discuss the concerns of members. Our members know the consequences to public service of budget cuts versus proper staffing, and can explain the importance of the merit system as opposed to an at will spoils system."  

"The first year of the new administration will have a big impact on our livelihoods, communities, and country, and will set the tone for years to come," said AFGE Legislative Director Tom Kahn. "It is critical we build relationships on both sides of the aisle with lawmakers who will fight for working people." 

Online registration for the legislative conference has closed, but you can still register onsite. Visit to view the agenda and other important information.  

Download the AFGE Activist App on your personal phone:

This could be a life saver as you storm the marble halls of Congress. With the AFGE Activist App, you can instantaneously: 

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