Local Leaders Press Release Email Template

AFGE Local Leader,

As we get the word out about AFGE’s major legal victory against the administration’s illegal executive orders, many of you may want to notify local press outlets.

You can find a copy of a template release for your local here.

All you have to do is download the word document and fill in the relevant portions, then distribute it to your press contacts via email!

If you want to distribute a release to the media but aren’t sure where to send it, you should start by identifying all your local outlets – print, television, and radio. From there, you can go the site for each and identify reporters or editors who would cover this story. Most news sites offer email addresses for reporters and editors or News Desks, but for those that don’t you can reach out to AFGE to identify them.

Once you have the email addresses for your outlets, all you have to do is send them a brief email with the press release in the body (or attached) and they should have enough information to go from there. Be ready for follow-up questions from the reporters and editors after submitting, and if you aren’t able to answer their question, please reach out to AFGE for guidance.

If you can’t find any relevant reporters on your own but want to send out a press release to your local media, you should feel free to contact AFGE’s Press Secretary, Cheston McGuire at [email protected] for assistance.

In Solidarity,


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