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Great news! AFGE won a huge victory against the administration’s illegal, union-busting executive orders late on Friday, August 24. Key provisions of each of the three executive orders were enjoined by a federal judge.

Now we’re spreading the word about this big win on social media! Here’s what you can do to help.

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HUGE VICTORY for AFGE and all working people! Judge stops union-busting executive orders in their tracks! #EOHellNo #RedForFeds

BIG WIN for AFGE, Democracy, and Union members around the country! #EOHellNo #RedForFeds

When we fight, we win! And AFGE and all working people just won a HUGE Victory! #EOHellNo

AFGE members stood together, showed up by the thousands for #RedForFeds rallies across the country, and together we said #EOHellNo!

It’s not just a huge win for union members, it’s a BIG WIN for our democracy! #EOHellNo

Thank you to everyone who stood with AFGE members as we fought AND WON against these illegal, union-busting executive orders. #EOHellNo #RedForFeds [graphic]

This is a BIG WIN for protecting union rights and our democracy! #EOHellNo

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Share one of these stories on social media using the hashtags #EOHellNo and #RedForFeds. Tag us on Twitter @AFGENational and we will retweet you!

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