National Worker Comp Coordinator

Jeremy Jenkins

Occupational Health and Safety/OWCP National Representative 

Jeremy started his profession as a Correctional Officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in January 2002 at FCC Petersburg, VA.  He transferred to FCI Marianna where he currently works as a Case Manager.  In his tenure, he serviced L- 4036 as a Shop Steward, Secretary, Executive Vice President and President. Jeremy has served not only his Local distinguishably, but also at the national level. He regularly participated in Health and Safety Committees at the local level and will continue in national Safety Committee meetings.  Jeremy has successfully adjudicated third party hearings, including disputes before the Federal Services Impasse Panel. Jeremy’s case background also includes successfully adjudication of a class-action grievance that resulted in the reasonable accommodations of employees in the Local; eradication mold abatement at FCI Marianna. Jeremy has also successfully adjudicated arbitrations overturning evaluations and untimely disciplinary actions.  He’s been pivotal in the Council and also assisted in the development and rollout of the new INSIGHT program in Unit Team.

Jeremy has participated in National LMR Quarterly, Policy Negotiations. He's volunteered on the CPL Growth Committee and Budget Committees at National Conventions. Most notably, he assisted in a Joint Policy Committee, which implemented the Unit Management Manual, Volunteer Program Statement, Victim and Witness Notification Program Statement. He’s been a pivotal force in the Council who also has assisted in the development and rollout of the new INSIGHT program in Unit Team.

Jeremy Jenkins 
Occupational Health and Safety/ OWCP National Representative

Cell: 850-573-1700

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