South Central Regional Vice President

Clifton J. Buchanan

CPL-33 South Central Regional Vice President

RVP Clifton J. Buchanan is an assertive and young national regional vice president for the American Federation of Government Employees' Council of Prison Locals.  The South Central Region encompasses bargaining unit personnel in the great State of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana. Elected in September 2011, RVP Buchanan brings more than 13 years of AFGE membership to the cause. His hard work and dedication coupled with his impeccable work ethic was a resounding board which catapulted him into his current position. Clifton has a proven track record with AFGE, and the Council of Prison Locals. RVP Buchanan's duties places him in daily contact with union leaders servicing the field where he assist with daily labor management disputes in the workplace.  He plays many roles as a trainer, organizer/representative, spokesperson and lobbyist of Congress for the CPL organization.

Before becoming the South Central RVP, Clifton rose through the ranks locally as a union shop steward.  Soon thereafter, he was elevated to the position of Treasurer in September 2000.  Clifton's ability to learn quickly advanced him to the positions of Executive Vice President and President where he served until 2011.  In addition to serving as AFGE Local 1030 President, Clifton also served collaterally as the South Central Regional Legislative Coordinator from 2009-2011; where he also represented more than 200 active employees at FDC Houston.  He has negotiated collective bargaining agreements, fought EEO cases successfully, and prevailed in many Unfair Labor Practices (ULP).  Clifton's service record has gained him the experience needed to effectively represent the membership.  In his tenure, he received several CPL awards (twice awarded the Basil McDavitt Legislative Action Award & Most Improved Local Award).  Clifton's experience, along with his willingness to communicate passionately, will play a vital role in reshaping the future of the CPL.

Clifton Buchanan
South Central Regional Vice President 

Cell: 832-731-0162

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