Human Resources Manual Work group (JPC)

The week of October 26th - 30th the Human Resource work group meet in DC. I filled in as chair while Dwayne was at National Policy dealing with staff search. 

The team consisted of:

Sandy Parr, National VP Women’s and Fair Practices

Chris Campbell, President Waseca

William Boseman, Mid Atlantic Regional Fair Practices Coordinator/ Newly appointed National OWCP Coordinator

The team completed the Employment portion of the Human Resources Manual and should be implemented within the next few weeks.

The Human Resources Employment Policy covers the following:

  • Acknowledgement of Requirement to Maintain a Telephone
  • BOP Category Rating Plan Competitive Service
  • Examining of Chaplains
  • Exit Interview Survey Program
  • Job Element Examining Plan for Trades and Labor Positions
  • Management Selection System
  • Merit Promotion Plan
  • Modifying Qualification Standards for in-service placement
  • Pass-Fail System for Intro to Correctional Techniques
  • Pathways Program
  • Priority Placement and referral System
  • Probationary Period for Supervisors and Managers
  • Qualification Standards for Administrative Positions
  • Reference Checking
  • Schedule “A” Hiring
  • Services of Volunteers
  • Staff Vacancy Rate
  • Training Agreements
  • Uniforms
  • Upward Mobility Program

It is important to note, this manual is being broken down and separated into smaller policies instead of one large manual 3000.03.  You will need to keep and use the original Human Resources Manual 3000.03 for those sections that have not yet been completed. We will provide that information as each section comes out.

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