The Health & Safety JPC met the week of April 7th in DC. The following were the Union’s representatives: 

  • Jeff Godwin, CPL33 NST
  • Joe Mansour, CPL33 OWCP  
  • Estevan Lopez, Safety Specialist Local 4052
  • Michael Keen, Ft. Worth
  • William Boseman, Butner
  • Valerie Limon, Lompoc
During the session, the JPC finished the OWCP Program Statement and will be soon releasing it to the field for 30-day review/comments . The following are a few of the notable changes:

  • Tracking log documenting access to local OWCP files
  • Template authorizing staff’s representative to receive local OWCP file
  • Library of applicable DOL forms for reference
  • Attachment of a generic CA-1 for reference
  • CA-1 marked “no lost time and no medical expense” will be emailed to the employee
No meeting is scheduled for the month of May due to caucus season. The next scheduled meeting is during the month of June. It is currently anticipated we will be working on the Dental Program Statement during the next session.


The Dental JPC met in DC the week of April 11th. In attendance for CPL: 

  • Susan Brantley, Butner
  • Jeff Godwin, CPL
  • Robin Goode, Rochester
  • James Hicks, Victorville 
  • Stephen Larry, Carswell
  • Paula Lisa, Otisville 
The group met to consider '30-day comments' received from the field. We completed the review and the policy is moving forward for finalization. 

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