Education Joint Policy Committee

Council of Prison Locals Meeting Minutes

June 7-9, 2016

Topic: PS 5350.0XX Literacy Program (GED Standard)

In Attendance:

  • Huilan Larson, Assistant Education Administrator Ray Coleman, Teacher, FCI Tallahassee
  • Tanja Murphy, Assistant Education Administrator Steve Markle, Teacher, FCC Terre Haute
  • Julie Kitchell, Education Specialist Vera Taguchi, Teacher, FDC SeaTac
  • Javara Bienemy, Recreation Specialist, FCI Seagoville
  • David Naylor, Teacher, FCI Fort Dix
  • Dave Gardner, CPL National Representative


⋅Introduction of Dave Gardner, CPL National Representative

⋅Review Section 9 VCCLEA and PLRA Act

⋅Remove last statement of Section 9(e) “this is to comply with the program stetement on the Mariel Cuban detainees….”

⋅Review Section 10 District of Columbia Educational Good Conduct Time (DCEGT)

⋅Agree on all sub-sections including sentry daily log, enrollment and educational transcript procedures

⋅Review Section 11 Work Assignment Limitations

⋅Move rules language of Section 11 to beginning of section

⋅Delete paragraph 1

⋅Change PEJE form on Sentry to match language on table (attachment) o Approving authority: § _SOE- EP, Warden- UP, Central Office School Psychologist- ZP, Central Office Education Administration- LP

o Remove Print Copy for Signature option

⋅Add in Section 11, Special Exemptions and Condition “an inmate with a UP exemption will have concurrent enrollment and will not have a pay grade restriction...”

⋅Add in Section 11, Special Exemptions and Conditions a general statement about LP and UP exemption and add language, “for further guidance, refer to Attachment 1 (chart)…”

⋅Clarify that all inmates returning to BOP custody must have met the minimum educational level or exemption requirements described in Section 5xx to be eligible for above minimum grade work assignments.

⋅Agree that Section #s may change throughout this policy writing process

⋅Note that Section 8 (Belated Proof of Education) will be addressed at a later time due to change in rules language

⋅Print, sign and scan sections 9, 10, 11, 12 and 16 and PEJE form


⋅Review Section 19 ZP Exemptions

⋅Central Office has hired a new School Psychologist, Linda Noelle Ph.D., who has the authority to approve ZP exemptions

⋅CPL proposes to consolidate Section 20 Literacy Class Schedule and Section 21 Instruction Time as sub-sections under Section 23 Staffing Requirements and Duties

⋅Under Section 23 Staffing Requirements and Duties, change “special learning needs teacher” to “special education teacher” to match with OPM’s position description

⋅CPL proposes that Section 23 Staffing Requirements and Duties shall precede Section 22 Inmate Tutors

⋅CPL requests that Central Office member(s) have signing authority so that the Committee can proceed with further sections. Central Office participants have been awaiting consent from Sue Chabot, who is not attending JPC this week

⋅Phil Sibal, Senior Deputy Assistant Director, shared with the Committee about the ongoing “audit” Results from this report may have impact on some sections of this policy

⋅A Caucus is requested until more information is available

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