This page is intended to provide you with answers to questions you may have about the operation of the 2nd District office, the requirements of local officers, and other information, which may aid you in the running of your local.

What are the duties of the National Vice President? 

AFGE National Vice Presidents (NVPs) are responsible for overseeing all matters pertaining to Locals in their respective districts.  

What are the duties of the Administrative Assistant to the National Vice President? 

This position has, as its primary function, all duties performed by the Administrative Assistant to an elected officer, the National Vice President of District 2. 

What are the duties of the District Office Manager? 

The District Office Manager, along with the AA, maintains the district office’s day-to-day operations.  

What are the duties of a National Representative? 

National Representatives are responsible for making sure that locals are self-sufficient and operating effectively, as required by law, the AFGE National Constitution, and AFGE policies.  The NR’s purpose is to assist their assigned Locals.  The NR can assist with all representational matters including but not limited to arbitrations, grievances, appeals, training, contract negotiations, etc., as well as member mobilization and recruitment (organizing). If you require assistance of a National Representative with any other Local matter, you can either contact the District office or notify your NR directly. 

What are the duties of the National Organizer? 

National Organizers are primarily responsible for building AFGE membership as well as the preparation of organizing and informational literature, representing the Federation at certain FLRA hearings and all related follow-up including post-hearing briefs, leading in the conduct of recruitment drives, providing leadership in conducting drives for unit consolidations, mergers or activity-wide national exclusives.  The NO also provides expert consultation on matters involving unit petitions, election procedures, and other issues related to organizing labor unions in the public sector. 

What are the duties of the Legislative and Political Action Organizer? 

The Legislation and Political Action Organizer is responsible for developing and implementing national and grassroots lobbying strategies/campaigns, issue mobilization campaigns, federal election strategies (including grassroots voter registration, education, and get-out-the-vote efforts) and membership recruitment.  The LPO also works with the NVP, Councils, and Local Presidents to develop annual strategic plans for implementing the Federation’s national legislative and political plan in a given calendar year, and trains AFGE leaders issue mobilization techniques (calling/writing members of Congress), coalition building, media outreach, and election related mobilization strategies. 

Who represents the membership? 

We at all levels of the Union (Local, Council, District, and National) are responsible for proper representation of members.  Proper representation does not mean that Locals should make a practice of taking every grievance to arbitration.  Arbitration can be very costly and time consuming for the Local and should be pursued if only the issue(s) have merit.  Consult your NR as needed for guidance on determining the merits of cases, and ensuring proper documentation of the Local’s decisions. 

Are injuries during lunch break compensable under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (OWCP)?

There are a lot of questions in reference to injuries that occur during lunch break while the employee is off the premises. Although each case is different and depends on the evidence presented, generally when an employee is off the premises during lunch, injuries are not covered. Workers' compensation does not cover every injury that occurs during a Federal employee's workday.

In a recent case D.S. and Department of Health and Human Services, 116 LRP 53718 (ECAB 12/01/16), an employee filed a traumatic injury claim CA-1 claiming that she broke her right radius while on a walking trail. The agency indicated that she was on her lunch break and not on the employing agency's premises at the time the incident occurred. The case was denied. Click here to read more.

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