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My name is Dr. Everett B. Kelley and I serve as the National Secretary-Treasurer (NST) for the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO (AFGE).  Part of the role of the NST’s Office is to educate AFGE members on the issues that directly affect our membership.

To fulfill that role, the NST’s Office will R.E.A.C.H. out to our membership and:

  • REVITALIZE: Locals and recruit members
  • EDUCATE: Locals and councils about AFGE to bring about positive change.
  • ACCLIMATE: To continue to familiarize the Federation on the Mission of AFGE
  • CULTIVATE: To lead our Federation toward positive change by eradicating infighting, non-responsiveness, etc., by providing training skills and educational programs for all locals
  • HARMONIZE: To bring together all segments of our Union in the spirit of unity to address common issues that affect the Federation

With this platform, our NST office can assist members on issues such as addressing member concerns, education, streamlining processes for member recruitment rebate programs (ensuring that every member receives their rebate in a timely manner). 

The NST Resources page will go a long way to help accomplish these goals.  The NST Resources page will be a mix of the old and new. It will still contain information that has been helpful to many members over the years; such as the QuickBooks datafile, Budget Template, Resource Manuals and videos. However, we will also include vital financial information about the finances of the Federation, which will provide greater financial transparency to members.  Also, we will offer interactive Financial Officers Classes on the NST Resources page. These courses offer snippets of important information to whet your appetite for the full Financial Officers Training Class.

This is only the beginning!  We look forward to receiving your feedback on how we can make the NST Resource page even better and more useful to the members of AFGE.

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