We’ve got two short years to capitalize on AFGE majorities in both houses of Congress and a friendlier administration in the White House. We’ve got to seize on the fierce urgency of NOW – making sure our union is big enough and strong enough that we never face attacks like we did the last four years. We’re already racking up major victories in the Biden administration, but we’ve got to get back to growing our union and our collective power. NOW is the time. 

Check out the AFGE NOW Recruitment Power Pack, which includes everything you need to hold a virtual recruitment event, including materials to help your planning, outreach, presentation, scripts, and sign-up process.

For more information on the NOW organizing initiative contact the AFGE Organizing Department.

Use the Resources Below for More Information:

Fax Numbers

  • 1187s: (202) 827-7950
  • VA Rebate 2021: (202) 301-1269

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