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AFGE is on the move – racking up a slew of major national victories that are improving the situation for government employees in terms of their pay, benefits, and rights on the job. There has never been a better time than NOW to join AFGE. That’s just what our locals who are hosting events are reporting. When we ask bargaining unit members if they want to join AFGE, explain what AFGE members have been able to accomplish for workers already, and how they can be a part of our union, they can’t sign up fast enough. 

How to Get Started Organizing at Your Local

There has never been an easier time to get potential members to join AFGE! With our slew of victories, government employees are ready to join their union. But we still have to ask them! So how do you get started asking as many potential members to join as possible? Let our experts in the AFGE Organizing Department help. Go to and fill out the contact form, then an AFGE organizer will be in touch soon! 

AFGE NOW’s Two-Track System

At the national level, we’ve adopted a two-track organizing system called AFGE NOW. 

First, we’ve got to take advantage of the opportunities available to us NOW. At the local level, that means finding ways to ask as many bargaining unit members as possible to join your AFGE local through virtual or in-person events ASAP by highlighting our victories and showing that momentum is on our side. We’ve put together all the materials you need to successfully do just that, which are available on our website at

There has never been a better time to join AFGE and become part of a union making real change, winning victories that will make a difference in the everyday lives of government workers. All we have to do is make the ask. 

Second, we’ve got to Organize for Power. At the local level, that means thinking through the issues that matter to you and the people you represent. What common issues unite your workforce? Maybe a bad supervisor, a buggy computer system, or a confusing workplace rule – but it could be anything. How can you persuade the people you represent to unite around a common understanding of that issue? Once they are united around a shared understanding, is your local union able to articulate a potential solution and mobilize your members to take action to make your solution a reality? That’s power. 

Check out the AFGE NOW Recruitment Power Pack, which includes everything you need to hold a virtual recruitment event, including materials to help your planning, outreach, presentation, scripts, and sign-up process.

  • At you will find a growing list of materials that will include agency-specific items to help you organize
  • You will also find template flyers and materials that you can customize around issues that matter to you
  • We also have developed some materials to help you think through the best strategy to mobilize workers at your facility around the major issues you are confronting.

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