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National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices

Jeremy Lannan was elected as National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices at the 41st National Convention in 2018.

Women’s Department

Mission statement - The Women's Department shall have initial responsibility for the development and implementation, in conjunction with the Fair Practices Department, of: Affirmative Action programs for women in federal and D.C. government agencies; the elimination of employment discrimination based upon sex; providing the necessary consultation, services, and representation to Locals, Councils and Districts in support of women's programs and organizations; and drafting education, media material correspondence, and department reports.

The Women's Department supports a broad spectrum of issues of priority to today's women and working families.

  • Family/medical leave
  • Equal pay
  • Child care
  • Sexual harassment
  • Domestic violence (and its impact on the workplace)
  • Health care reform
  • Nursing mothers
  • Paid parental leave
  • Advocacy and training

At the current time, the Women's Department consists of the elected National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices (who sits on the National Executive Council), Secretary, Special Assistant to NVP, and a Program Specialist. 

Fair Practices Department

Mission statement - The Fair Practices Department is charged with the responsibility of eliminating employment discrimination in the Federal Government, D.C. Government, or the Federation on any basis to include, but not limited to, race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, handicap, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.

The Department is further charged with the responsibility of implementing the policy, enforcement, training, research, and administration necessary to fulfill the Federation's commitment toward equal opportunity and affirmative action. The Fair Practices Department seeks to address civil rights violations through representation, advocacy, consultation and training of the membership

At the current time, the Fair Practices Department has a lead EEO Specialist/Attorney, four EEO Specialists/Attorneys, and two legal secretaries.

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