Welcome to AFGE Local 511

AFGE Local 511 was certified in 1999.

We are a national Local and the exclusive representative for all ICE professionals throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Our bargaining unit is made up predominantly of general attorneys working within the ICE Office of the Principal Legal Advisor. We also have accountants, architects, statisticians, instructional systems specialists, nurse practitioners, librarians and engineers who are members of the bargaining unit. 

Together we comprise a group of hundreds of ICE professionals that are dedicated public servants.

AFGE 511 National Board

Fanny Behar-Ostrow (President)
Jon Kaplan (Executive Vice President)
Randy Kung (Treasurer)
Victoria Levin (Secretary)
Margaret (Peggy) Price (Western Vice President)
Ginnine Fried (Eastern Vice President)
Eric Bales (Vice President at Large)

CBA Negotiations Timeline

October 31, 2011 CBA agreement between Union and ICE (Agency) was signed following Union ratification and Agency Head review

July 10, 2014 Union expressed intent to start renegotiations of CBA 2011

December 16, 2014 Ground Rules Negotiations commenced

April 8, 2015 Ground Rules for CBA Negotiations agreed upon between Union and Agency

July 20, 2015 Union Proposals sent to the Agency consisting of changes to 30 of the existing 33 Articles from CBA 2011 and introducing 4 new Articles

August 25, 2015 CBA Negotiations commenced

August 18, 2019 CBA 2019 was ratified by the dues payers of AFGE 511

August 29, 2019 Agency Head reviewed and approved CBA 2019

September 1, 2019, 2019 CBA was agreed to between the Agency and the Union.  It is a 5 year agreement

To View the ICE Professionals 2019 CBA, please click here.

Bio and Contact Information 

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