October 05, 2009
Michael Victorian
(202) 639-6405

AFGE Applauds Nomination of Dan Gordon as Administrator of OFPP

(WASHINGTON) – AFGE looks forward to working with Dan Gordon after his expected confirmation by the Senate as Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP). Although we will undoubtedly have our differences, AFGE believes he is a solid choice who if confirmed will promote oversight and transparency and strive to achieve a sourcing process that is more accountable to taxpayers and more fair to federal employees.

It is unfortunate that contractors and their allies have expressed so much undue concern that the Obama Administration has not announced an OFPP nominee until now. The Obama administration has already laid the foundation for lasting and meaningful reform of the federal government’s sourcing processes. Through the Office of Management and Budget the administration has provided guidance to agency’s on how to uphold the integrity of the procurement process, save money for taxpayers, and reduce the federal government’s reliance on contractors. “We have always known that much of this work should never have been contracted out in the first place. We know that reliable and experienced federal employees perform more efficiently and at a greater service for American taxpayers,” said John Gage AFGE national president. “We anticipate that Dan Gordon, if confirmed, will build on this promising foundation,” Gage added.

In previous administrations, some OFPP Administrators have acted as in-house advocates for contractors, allowing parochial interests to trump the public interest. “Perhaps, Dan Gordon’s greatest challenge will be to restore credibility to an office that has been so greatly diminished by excessive ‘collaboration’ with an intensely self-interested industry that OFPP is ostensibly regulating,” said Gage.

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