June 14, 2018

AFGE backs bills protecting workers’ union rights

Categories: Congress

“Better Deal” legislation restores fairness to system rigged against working class

WASHINGTON – American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. released the following statement in response to the “Better Deal” legislation introduced by House and Senate lawmakers:

“Workers covered by union contracts enjoy higher wages, better health and retirement benefits, and safer workplaces. Yet the right to stand together and negotiate a better deal is facing unprecedented attacks by special interests opposed to workers’ rights.

“The Workers’ Freedom to Negotiate Act introduced by House and Senate lawmakers will help level a playing field that has been stacked against the working class. We have not seen real gains in wages or living standards in 30 years – even though America’s economy and productivity have grown enormously during this time.

“American workers have been losing out for too long. Our share of the pie is shrinking, largely because workers have no one fighting for them. When workers have a strong union, they’re able to negotiate better working conditions – not just for themselves, but for everyone. All employees have benefited from the gains achieved by unions, and all Americans will benefit from Congress passing this legislation.”

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