April 21, 2004
Enid Doggett
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AFGE Concerned About Impact Of New Overtime Rules

(WASHINGTON, DC)—AFGE says it is concerned about the manner in which the new overtime rules were released. Experts on government policy say new rules and regulations traditionally reference the previous version so analyses and comparisons can be easily made. However, the new overtime rules were released without any reference to the old rules, so determining classes of workers whose status have been affected requires complex analysis. Without comparative analysis, AFGE representatives are reluctant to trust statistics touted by the Administration.

"We really don't know what impact the new overtime regulations will have on federal workers. That remains to be seen as more information unfolds," Gage added. "What we do know is that the regulations will have a negative impact on the middle class, and that includes our families, friends and the public who do not work for the federal government."

The Department of Labor's April 20 news release announcing the final rules hyped raising the annual income threshold guaranteeing overtime to $23,660. However, preliminary analysis found the new threshold to be far below the inflation-adjusted level of $31,720.

AFGE is in the process of carefully analyzing the final overtime rules.

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